For my “GoAnimate,” I used a scene from one of my favorite political movies – The American President. It’s not that realistic and it’s more of a romantic comedy type of movie than it is actually about politics, but I have always loved it! I was really excited that there was a “White Houzers” theme, but all of the characters were current political figures. I could’t really think of a movie that any of these people would be in except Game Chang, which was an HBO movie about John McCain’s presidential campaign. I decided to do something a little more fun since that movie, like most political movies, are more on the serious side. The scene I picked was when Michael Douglas, who plays the President, is dancing with a lobbyist who he falls in love with at a state dinner. I had to use Michele Bachman as Sydney (the female character) because they didn’t have a generic female and I wanted to stick with the theme I had since it fit so well with my blog. For the President, I had to choose Paul Ryan as they did not have a generic male character. Also, there were only 180 characters so I had to shorten the dialogue between the two characters. I wanted to use text to speak, because this project was a little complicated and I did not want to confuse myself more by adding my microphone into the mix. Another road block I hit was the fact that “text-to-speech was under maintenance,” so I had to assume that the voices I picked sounded okay. I would say, for me, there were a lot of small issues in creating this video. However, once I got the idea of how to use GoAnimate, the rest was relatively easy. Even though it may not have been exactly what I wanted, my video still got the gist of what The American President, and this scene in general, is about!



I think hashtags are one of the most powerful inventions in the internet right now. You can use them to gain recognition from your favorite celebrity, to support a cause, get more information about something that interests you; the list goes on and on. Most importantly, you can share something with a hashtag. It is a quick and easy way to get your point across. Users can click on a hashtag and see all of the people that are talking about similar things. This brings me to how you guys can help me share my blog!

On Twitter, we could all share links to each other’s blogs using Bitly which we learned how to do last week. That way, the link to my blog is barely taking up characters in the tweet. Not only does that mean you could tweet something exciting about my blog, rght before the link, you guys could include a hashtag that had been incorporated with one of my blog posts. That way, if someone is searching a certain hashtag on Twitter my blog post will come up. People that are interested in a topic are inclined to follow Twitters, blogs, etc that pertain to it so I think that would be extremely helpful!

On Tumblr, you could post a link to my blog and include a “tag” that I have included in one of my blog posts. Similar to hashtags, people can just click on a tag that is usually just a word or two to find more blogs related to what they are interested in. The only difference with Tumblr is that you could take more time to write about what my blog is about and say something that will make people want to click on the link! Either way, Tumblr is a really good outlet to share other blogs.

Using Bitly

At first I was kind of frustrated because I wasn’t really understanding what Bitly was from the Wikipedia page, but I knew it would be easier to create than a QR code and would be more relevant to my blog. Once I found what website I wanted to post on my blog, I went on bitly.com and realized it was SO easy because all you had to do was copy and paste the link into Bitly and it would shorten the URL for you. After I saw the shortened URL, I realized I knew what Bitly was this whole time. It clicked that I always see those URLs on Twitter and people use them so links don’t take up all of the allotted characters in a tweet. So my shortened URL is for www.randpaul.com. He was just the second person to announce that he would be running for president in 2016. This is interesting because he is a Libertarian, which means that he is a 3rd party candidate which will take some attention as well as votes away from the Democratic and Republican candidates. This website allows his supporters to donate to his presidential campaign, sign up to volunteer for his campaign, and stay updated on new information about him. Here is the shortened link!


Media using Creative Commons

At first, I wanted to find a “Rock the Vote” video to put on my blog to show that it is important to vote in the 2016 presidential election. However, all of these videos are on Vevo and with all of the restrictions that come with Creative Commons, they wouldn’t come up in the search. So, instead, I searched “2016 presidential election” on Flickr through Creative Commons. They have all of these different Chris Christie caricatures, either making fun of Bridge-Gate or just making fun of how he looks in general. I figured I’d continue the whole theme of the memes and such from last week; not that this is exactly a meme, but it has the same idea. I was just talking to one of my friends about how, politics aside, it would be really exciting if it ended up being Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie running against each other for President. Not only would the debates be insane, Saturday Night Live would be infinitely better because they would have so much material to work with. I think these pictures of Governor Christie fall under the same category as that. You can have fun with them as opposed to being so serious about politics all the time!

chris christie

I thought it was interesting that this was at the bottom of the page:

“The source image for this caricature of Governor Chris Christie is a Creative Commons licensed photo by Bob Jagendorf available via Wikimedia.The George Washington Bridge is adapted from and Creative Commons image in Brian Snelson’s Flickr photostream. The road closed sign is from and image in the public domain from FEMA via Wikimedia. The helicopters are from public domain images from the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy (r-l).”

This shows that the entire picture was made using other images from the Creative Commons licensed photos or public domain photos. Also, When looking at the Fair Use Checklist, one could check off that this photo is considered both criticism and parody.

Presidential Memes

It was actually pretty difficult to find a meme for a presidential candidate. I ended up looking on Google because I don’t really look at memes a lot so I wasn’t sure how to find a good one. On Google, however, most of the results were political cartoons as opposed to memes. Most of the memes that did come up were either reallllllly inappropriate or really political and wouldn’t be funny if you didn’t know the background of the issue they were making fun of in the meme. I wanted to find a meme of Ted Cruz since last week he announced his candidacy for president in 2016. He is a Republican Senator from Texas and is the first one on either side to announce that he is running which really marks the beginning of the 2016 election. I found this one which I liked, but it didn’t have words so I looked online to see if memes have to include words and it looks like they don’t so.. Here it is!

Oil spill on water is seen near an oil production facility at Maracaibo lake near the coastal town of Barranquitas
I found this article on salon.com that was describing what Ted Cruz’s White House would look like/what that would mean for America. He is one of the farthest things from an activist for climate change so the website was joking that this is what our country would look like if Ted Cruz were to be elected President in 2016. I laughed about it mostly because of how uncomfortable he looks in this photo!

Promoting Each Other

It is important for us, as college students, to promote each other’s work. I think one simple way we can all help each other get more viewership for our blogs would be to reblog each other’s blog posts every week. For starters, everyone could continue to include both tags and categories when creating a blog post. If we reblogged everyone we followed, other followers we might acquire who may not normally be interested in our peers’ blogs would be able to see other topics that they might want to start following. I know that when I go on websites like Tumblr, I am mostly looking at tags and then from there I am able to find blogs that are dedicated to the tag I had been scrolling through. Therefore, other people who are looking up tags may be able to find our blogs. If we post our blog posts and then they are being reblogged by at least one of our classmates, then our blog posts are posted out there twice which increases the chances of it being seen by others. This is an easy way to use social media to promote each other’s blogs without having to leave WordPress.

2016 Campaign Update

So in just five months the first presidential campaign debates will happen! The most recent happenings leading up to the campaign include Jeb Bush campaigning more and more for the Republican side. In terms of the Democrats, just yesterday Hillary Clinton got in trouble with the media as they discovered she was using her personal email when she was Secretary of State. People have a problem with this because none of her government emails are secure; it can easily be hacked. With issues like the NSA or Edward Snowden, this has become a huge fear for Americans and the government. Republicans are taking this and running with it, but I think Clinton is handling it in a way that will help her in the long run. She asked the State department to release all the emails so everyone could see that she had nothing to hide and nothing she emailed would harm America/Americans in any way.

This article, though, explains how it could put her a few steps backward in her campaign and I thought it was a pretty interesting read.